Friday, July 30, 2010

Taking a Break

I can't begin to explain how tired I am of hearing the "it's a new chapter" metaphor regarding graduating high school and moving onto college. This tired old cliche has been plaguing me over the summer, and I think if I hear it one more time I'll probably snap and loose it.

Anyway, the fact of the matter is that things are changing and, as Bob Dylan once said, "you better start swimming or you'll sink like a stone". Thus, the Hidden Woods Media blog is soon going to be a thing of the past, replaced by a David Stewart Photography website. I haven't really began to work on this yet, so it may be a while, but I feel I'm sort of in a need of a break from photography and video work as it is.

Over the course of the past few years, I've had a fairly strong focus on nature, scenic, and landscape photography. While this was good subject matter for me to get my feet wet, I really feel as if it is time to move on to a more broad range of photography; I want to work on shooting people, candids, and projects that have more of an aspect of photojournalism. This type of photography feels much more genuine to me, and it also offers the opportunity for increased challenge and creativity.

Posted below are some of my most favorite photos and moments captured from the past few years, each offering insight to the memory and feeling of that particular time of my life. In my opinion, nothing goes better with visuals than music, so I have also included a long list of songs that have made up my life in my years of high school, posted chronologically, month by month.

Thanks everyone who has read and checked out my blog over the past few years; my next post will include the URL to the new site!

David Stewart

Freshman Year (unfortunately I lost all but one photo from this year with the crash of my last computer):


The Strokes - You Only Live Once (September)
Midlake - Roscoe (October)
Voxtrot - Four Long Days (November)
Islands - Rough Gem (December)
Cold War Kids - Hospital Beds (January)
Of Montreal - The Party's Crashing Us (February)
Modest Mouse - Dashboard/Florida (March)
Pieces of the People We Love - The Rapture (April)
Voxtrot - Firecracker (May)
The Colour - Open Up The Boulevards (June)
The Notwist - One With The Freaks (July)
The National - Santa Clara (August)

Sophomore Year:


Coconut Records - West Coast (September)
Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses (October)
Patrick Wolf - Overture (November)
High Times - Elliott Smith (December)
The Shaky Hands - The Sleepless (January)
Pinback - Fortress (February)
MGMT - Kids (March)
Ghost Land Observatory - Sad Sad City (April)
The Velvet Teen - Counting Backwards (May)
ABX - Collide You a Drank [Cloud Cult v. T-Pain Mix] (June)
Cut Copy - Lights and Music (July)
Cloud Cult - Everybody Here is a Cloud (August)

Junior Year:


The Wombats - Moving To New York (September)
Against Me! - Thrash Unreal (October)
Iglu & Hartly - Violent and Young (November)
Crystal Castles - Vanished (December)
Deerhunter - Never Stops (January)
Ladyhawke - Back of the Van (February)
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Salvation (March)
Metric - Sick Muse (April)
Kyle Andrews - Sushi (May)
Phoenix - Lisztomania (June)
Animal Collective - Daily Routine [Phaseone Remix] (July)
The Big Pink - Velvet (August)

Senior Year:
**This is a challenge; within the past year I have taken more photos than ever before, and thus have learned more about photography than ever before. The photos I chose for this are my ABSOLUTE favorites, but I have plenty of others that I would love to share. Find me on Facebook ( and navigate to my album entitled 'Hold Time', where I posted a large collection of photos from the past year. Here we go.


Mew - Introducing Palace Players (September)
Yeasayer - Ambling Alp (October)
The XX - Shelter (November)
Say Hi to Your Mom - Blah Blah Blah (December)
Wild Beasts - Hooting and Howling (January)
Her Space Holiday - Sleepy Tigers (February)
Yeasayer - 2080 (March)
Right Away, Great Captain - Like Lions Do (April)
The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio (May)
Foals - Miami (June)
Animal Collective - Peacebone (July)


  1. radical. pumped to see the new site

  2. Wonderful! So proud of you Davey, and I like that the majority of music was from me to you :)