Thursday, January 15, 2009

On January 15 2009

The first post. Where to begin? And that is not to be written in some metaphorical sense, I'm quite literally wondering. I'm creating this blog for others to be able to go beyond the Hidden Woods Media videos. There's so much more to them than would be naturally realized, and I would love to have some who care to be more deeply informed. Henceforth, I have come to create a blog. So, now prepare to be enlightened. 

We (being Jason, Ryan, Katie, and myself) began what I am now looking at the most busy ski season of my life, on December 13, 2008, at Boreal. It was cold, snowing, and rather miserable. But we kept on. Camera rolling, we were able to come away with a few flat box shots, a front-flip, and a short lived interview. What I did not realize on the two hour (thanks to weather) drive home, was what had just begun. 

See edit here

Now, simply to address the day, for my memory, and for accuracy, we DID in fact have a second day over at Boreal. I trudged over the mountains and through the valley... across the interstate, on what I would guess was 
about December 18th. Jason and I shot a day, and feeling overly confident with the footage and very productive, I headed home, half a smile on my face the whole way. Later, I would grab my camera bag, head up to my room, pull out my FX1, and realize that I had left the tape on the roof of my car. My guess is that it got lost as I was on I-80. That's the end of that.

So in redemption, we rode Sierra. A lot, consecutively. Here's the edit that has come from the few days spent up there, SNOW IS FUN.

Ok, brief summary, but you are now caught up with HWM. Check back to know how the season is going, to see photos, and watch more videos.

Hidden Woods Media
.. & David Stewart 
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